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We give you something to smile about! Dr. Yetto and his staff work with you to understand your concerns and insecurities about your smile. This attention to patient care has created a loyal patient base. Take a look at some of the wonderful things our happy patients have to say about their new smiles. Leave us a review today on our Google My Business page – we love hearing feedback from our dental patients!

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“A THANK YOU is not nearly enough for this Christmas gift I have given to myself! I have waited a long time to laugh without being conscious of my teeth & what people or the camera would see.

I do regret not having the porcelain veneers done a long time ago. Oh, how I have envied those with perfect teeth when they smiled AND now I have YOU to thank Dr. Yetto. You are a magnificent artist to give this smile that looks so natural. I certainly will tell anyone contemplating a smile makeover to, GO FOR IT! Your exquisite, relaxed office atmosphere does not feel like going to the dentist & your professional staff gives you the little perks to make it the most pleasant experience possible.

I thank you again from the bottom of my heart for giving me a beautiful smile. Love to all & a Happy, Healthy New Year,”

– Joan Ast

“When I was young I was running and was hit in the mouth by a bicycle resulting in a front tooth being broken in half. For the last 35 years of my life I have been in dentist office after dentist office receiving treatment…The color was never even close and everyone knew I had a fake tooth. I smiled with my lips together.

I did a little bit of research and found Dr. Yetto with the most impressive credentials. My first appointment with Dr. Yetto was an extensive consultation. After listening to my concerns, Dr. Yetto educated me on all the different options I had.

The choice made was to completely remove the old bridge and have everything redone by Dr. Yetto. While preparing the permanent bridge a temporary bridge was placed. I was already happier than I have ever been. The piece felt like my natural teeth, the color was exactly like the other teeth. Dr. Yetto sent me to the laboratory making the bridge. The lab is entirely committed to perfection. The time and attention put into this job was absolutely above and beyond anything I expected. I have never experienced anything like this.

Now the day has come for placement. Dr. Yetto is not pleased with the color. It didn’t look too bad to me. Dr. Yetto saw it was off and began to paint more colors on the piece. The lab was brought in and more fine-tuning was done.

One week later…Dr. Yetto placed the bridge, handed me a mirror to see what I thought before the final bonding. My teeth are perfect in every way. The shape, size and the color. Anyone can study my teeth and never know which ones are natural and which ones are part of a bridge.

I have never had a natural looking set of teeth until now. I cannot express how happy I am. I could not stop crying when shown the final results. Dr. Yetto has given me back a quality of life that I cannot explain. The staff are all committed to perfection. They follow the lead of brilliance. Dr. Yetto, thank you for doing the work you do. You have not only given me a smile you have changed my life. I love you.”

– Patty Hachee

“Before choosing Dr. Yetto, I had consulted with several other dentists in the area, but only one stood out from the rest. Dr. Yetto gave me the confidence and assurance to proceed with my cosmetic dental procedure. Dr. Yetto’s knowledge and understanding of my needs and what I ultimately wanted my end result to be made my decision very easy. Dr. Yetto and his awesome and caring staff took the time to educate me and gave me a detailed explanation of the process from beginning to end and allaying any fears that I might have had.

For years I wanted a nicer smile but never could I have imagined the beautiful smile that Dr. Yetto had in store for me.

Dr. Yetto is truly an artist and craftsman of beautiful smiles. Dr. Yetto, thanks for the great smile that I plan on enjoying for years to come, well worth the investment, and for all those still deciding, GO FOR IT!!!”

– Mike

“You don’t know how glad I am that this is what I decided to do. My doctor is good at exams and amalgams but you need someone that’s got special skills to do anterior composite bondings correctly.”

– Mrs. Garlyck, RDH
Mother of teenage patient

“I’ve never been so motivated so see the Dentist! My European Facial was the most unique, relaxing, “wow” experience I’ve ever had. As for my dental work, it is always of superior quality and I look forward to beginning my smile makeover with Dr. Yetto and his highly trained team.”

– Drew Cerza

“Good Morning Dr. Yetto,
Amazing! My teeth were bothersome to me for some time and I thought it was hopeless. It wasn’t strange of me to tell people that I couldn’t wait to grow old and have fake teeth, everyone would laugh but I really meant it. I never thought of cosmetic surgery, after all that was for movie stars. Although I never NOT smiled, I did begin to notice that I would cover my mouth when laughing (which I do a lot) and I honestly didn’t know how I was going to handle a future of covering my mouth, so when opportunity knocked and cash flow was good, I took the plunge!

I am very satisfied with my teeth and never realized until the before and after exactly how badly I needed them. I was always very confident and now I can be even more…so look out world!! …Thank You so much.”

– Melinda